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Société française de gestion des risques en établissements de santé

French Society for Risk Management in Health Services

The SoFGRES was created on may 28th, 2002.

The SoFGRES is an association aiming at:

  • developing, promoting and providing knowledge of health risk management in health services;
  • training health and safety professionals for the planning and implementation of programmes for health risk management;
  • promoting research and scientific work on health risk management.
  • The SoFGRES contributes to the national policy for risk reduction in health services. Its members also try to develop managerial skills by teaching in French Universities.

    Since its creation, the association has developed three types of actions: sharing experiences, publications and researches.

    The SoFGRES carries out its activities in partnership with other health and safety organisations in order to offer its members the opportunity to meet and share their knowledge and views with fellow safety professionals.

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